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The real crisis in Christianity

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek cover story, “Christianity in Crisis,” admirably argues for a “simpler, purer, apolitical” version of the faith. He condemns a politicized Christianity that is concerned with prosperity and morality but dismissive of self-sacrifice and sanctification.

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Meditation on the cross

Doug1021, Flickr.

Terrible stake of execution, Blessed compass and signpost Terrible thorn of the curse, Blessed tree of life

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Steve Jobs and the false hope of our time

Two events happened last Monday that stand juxtaposed for me: Steve Jobs announced that he was taking a medical leave absence from Apple, and a priest at our parish, Fr. Seraphim, died. While journalists and pundits frantically asked and answered…

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Connecting Christmas, Easter

Detail from mosaic depicting the Nativity

Christ is born! Do Christians put too much emphasis on Christmas and not enough on Easter? It may sound surprising, but it turns out that several serious theologians and Christian thinkers have been saying so of late. But not so…

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