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Our ordinary, fascinating lives

Our ordinary lives, fascinating and wild

The Scripture says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” The psalmist uses the phrase to talk about our origins, how we were “skillfully” formed by God. I think we can view the sentiment as more than that, however. I…

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The romance of commitment

The romance of commitment

Men are justifiably famous for lacking commitment, enjoying irresponsibility and freedom as long as we can reasonably stretch it, and oftentimes several yards past that. One manifestation of this artful dodge is that marriage ages have gone up and up…

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How marriage works on you

How Marriage Works on You

I’ve written in the past about the mystery of marriage, how it transforms its participants. That’s part of its very purpose, to conform us to the image of Christ and deepen our communion with God. I’ve still got a long…

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The sanctifying power of marriage

When I think of marriage I think of grace, particularly the phrase “grace for the moment.” Marriage requires grace every moment if it’s going to be what God desires it to be. Thankfully, God extends his grace to us through…

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The lost mystery of marriage

Ask a person what they think about marriage in society today, and they’ll probably say that the institution isn’t looking too pretty. Yes, the divorce rate has steadily declined over the last thirty years in the U.S., but so has…

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Marriage and the sacrament of joint checking

Marriage has the power to make you better or worse as a person, and nothing proves the point as quickly as money. You can become the very worst version of yourself while looking over bank statements with your spouse. (Been…

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