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The cult of agreeableness

Joel Osteen’s disturbing inability to say that Mormonism is something other than Christian reflects a particular affliction from which our culture suffers. I’m not sure what to call it other than the cult of agreeableness, a widespread tendency to avoid…

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Why Mormons aren’t Christians

Angel Moroni

Mormons have been trying to pass as mainstream Christians for some time now. They’re not. Here’s why and why it matters.

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On judging Joel Osteen

On judging Joel Osteen

It turns out that criticizing Joel Osteen ruffles feathers. Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise. His congregation is more than forty-thousand strong, his sermons air worldwide, and his book sales are stratospheric. He’s got more than a few fans available to take…

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The insufferable Joel Osteen

Every Day a Friday

Few things rub me the wrong way as much as poseurs masquerading as pastors. If that sounds unduly harsh, forgive me, but I don’t think this is undue. Al Mohler recently published a piece on Joel Osteen’s equation of Mormonism…

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