A community of prayer

Community of Prayer

Jesus tells us not to pray in public. But he doesn’t teach us to pray by ourselves. The Lord addresses this in the Sermon on the Mount. Right after saying that we shouldn’t call attention to our charity, but rather…

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The business of prayer

The Business of Prayer

It’s easy to delay prayer as we brace for the daily grind, and easier still to forget about it as we wade through the tumult of the day. But what if we thought of prayer as our first and most…

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There is a final judgment; act accordingly

Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello

It’s a sobering thought to realize that we will all someday face a final judgment. In the 2006 Martin Scorsese movie, The Departed, Jack Nicholson’s character, mob boss Frank Costello, walks past an associate in a bar and asks how…

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How I learned to love Mary, mother of Jesus

Icon of the Dormition

The first time I really got Mary was on Good Friday a few years ago. In a very solemn service the night of Great and Holy Friday, as the day is called in the Orthodox Church, a series of funeral…

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Celebrating faithful mothers

Celebrating Mothers

The most obvious thing to do with mothers is to celebrate them. I watch my Megan day in and out striving to raise, nurture, encourage, protect, correct, and prepare our kids. It’s a humbling thing to behold. When I say…

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The redemptive quality of a story

Flannery O'Connor

In her essay “The Grotesque in Southern Fiction,” Flannery O’Connor writes that readers desire and even need something uplifting in the books that they read. “There is something in us,” she says, “as storytellers and as listeners to stories, that…

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