Fr. Peter Gillquist’s angelic welcome

Fr. Peter Gillquist

It’s appropriate to contemplate angels rejoicing at our homecoming. After all, if we are the heirs of salvation, and angels are ministers to the heirs of salvation as Paul says in Hebrews, then our final success is their success too….

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The Lord’s Prayer: God’s words, our needs

Detail of fresco by Manuel Panselinos, Wikimedia Commons

Why does the Lord’s Prayer matter? Let the context answer the question. In Luke’s account, Jesus’ disciples approach. They point to John the Baptist’s practice of teaching his disciples to pray and ask for similar treatment. “Teach us to pray,”…

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We know God by experiencing him

Weighing the faith

In the endless debates about Christianity it is common to subject the church to a cost-benefit analysis. On one side of the ledger we tally up the positive impacts the faith has had: hospitals, orphanages, universities, etc. On the other…

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Pursuing God through the small things

Small Things

We live in a day of extremes, and sometimes it seems our culture’s highest virtue is going overboard. Everything is super-sized, quad-shot, high-energy, maximum-strength, full-throttle. I wonder and worry about how much of that infects our faith. If being radical…

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Fifty Shades of Let’s Get Serious

Fifty Shades of Grey

E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey sold over 10 million copies in its first six weeks here in the U.S., according to the publisher. If you’re close to the publishing business, you know that number is high enough to induce…

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Praying for grace instead of judging others

Duke Ellington

What if instead of judging others, we saw their failings as our own? Some years back I read Duke Ellington’s autobiography, Music is My Mistress. A statement he made about withholding judgement of others really stuck with me. “We should…

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