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Don’t forget the angels, Hollywood

Hollywood is going back to the Bible. Major releases covering the stories of Noah, Moses, and even Cain and Pontius Pilate are in the works. But if producers are looking for a real opportunity within the pages of Holy Writ,…

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What if we dumped Rand for Röpke?

Wilhelm Röpke

After addressing Ayn Rand’s anti-Christian philosophy, I think it’s important to propose an alternative. This is particularly important for Christians who defend the free market and would like to expand economic freedom. Just because Ayn Rand is of the devil…

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Ayn Rand, antichrist

Ayn Rand

“[A]s you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come.” –1 John 2.18 An interesting convergence of cultural trends and events has pushed Ayn Rand’s name and views back into the news, including the vice presidential…

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What Pat Robertson gets wrong about adoption

Pat Robertson, 700 Club.

When a woman named Susan wrote the 700 Club looking for answers, she surely wasn’t expecting the kind she received. The mother of three adopted daughters, each from different countries, wrote to say that the men she was dating invariably…

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The only solution to violence

After the shootings at the Aurora movie theater, the Milwaukee Sikh temple, and now Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., I’m hearing renewed talk about banning guns. It’s something of a ritual, and the well-known rubrics describe the basic order…

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America needs prophets

Rev. Jonathan Mayhew

The intense fight over Obamacare’s HHS mandate highlights a real disdain for religion in public life. Obamacare has had religious detractors from the start because of abortion concerns, but they have had their own detractors among the political and chattering…

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